A case for the assassination of military hackers

During my stint with the government, we established formal contact with a Western signals intelligence agency. In one of the highly ceremonial and limited interactions with our counterparts from that agency, my boss joked of recruiting a “young gun” who was spearheading cyber operations. That was me.

While I have always rated myself as a below-average hacker, I was indeed a test case for the government in inducting ‘specialists’ into the system via lateral entry (Don’t ask me how it went).

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A sneak peek into the Pakistan Army’s cyber tradecraft

This seems to have gone unnoticed, so I am placeholding it here. A small ideological disclaimer: I do not *hate* Pakistan like many right-wingers do. In fact, I long visiting Lahore some day and sample its street food. Nonetheless, this is an interesting public exposure to the tradecraft – if it could be called so – of an adversarial army.

In March this year, Amnesty International released a dossier (PDF) on the intimidation and spying of human rights activists based in Pakistan, allegedly by the country’s own army operatives. Apart from the usual scare tactics, the operatives also engaged in social engineering and cyber espionage. Android and Windows based malware were used for the purpose.

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