(Telemetry & toolchains) vs. tradecraft: The SolarWinds hack from a strategic lens

To me, the SolarWinds hack is remarkable because it (momentarily) managed to upend one kind of strategy with the other. A broader strategic calculus is palpable from the operational choices made in this intrusion — from the Concept of Operations which underpins it.

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Deconstructing Ciaran Martin’s speech in 18 tweets

Ciaran Martin was the founder of the UK’s National Cyber Security Center and the former head of cyber operations at GCHQ. He gave a thought-provoking speech busting many myths around cyber power and cyber operations (text and video ).

I try to deconstruct it in 18 tweets. Click on the tweet to follow the thread:

Congratulations, it’s a cyber norm!

“Russia creates conditions in which liberal democracies are forced to debate about the introduction of censorship for the sake of national security and sovereignty (Barandiy, 2018).”

Due to the biases which emerge from legal determinism influenced by analogical reasoning, the cyber policy community often ends up ignoring the actual cases of normative behavior in cyberspace. Okay, if not normative behavior then at least a semblance of some kind of customary law.

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It has nothing to do with Facebook – The Quint

A very contrarian piece for The Quint: https://www.thequint.com/voices/opinion/facebook-politics-hate-speech-controversy-indian-government-modi-freedom-of-speech-activism.

The recent investigative reports by TIME and the Wall Street Journal on Facebook’s content handling and lobbying activities have triggered an intense political debate in India.

On the one hand, Facebook’s moderation of hateful content in India seems to have been influenced by business and political imperatives; on the other, it appears as if the relationship between its public policy team and the ruling political dispensation was too close for comfort.

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An observation on the Debbins affair

An observation on the Debbins affair:

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