डर के दामन में लिपट कर
वो फिर खामोश सी हो गयी
आघाज़ तो कर इक बार
मुट्ठी खोल
एड़ी उठा
और आँख तो मींच…
चिलमिली धूप में
खड़े पुखराज की
मुस्कुराहट पर
रख थोड़ा सा ऐतबार

Ha ha!

In the Majha of Punjab…

I think I am a child of Border Areas, deprived of that certain sense of belonging which comes with living in the mainland. Our world lies sequestered between the barbed wire of the enemy on one side and the picket fence of the society on the other. That vaunted culture doesn’t run in our blood, for it has been shed too often. We don’t like to waste our evenings listening to lifesaving hymns but would rather drink and dine to the glory of those who entered Valhalla from here. The rumble of tanks at Patton Nagar of Khemkaran, the clinking of grenades unpinned by Havaldar Abdul Hamid at village Assal Uttar and the sonic boom from the aircraft dogfights over Tarn Taran still reverberate in our souls. We have chosen backwardness over backing out.


There are three symbolic routines that a man will keep on exhibiting in his actions, repeating them for his whole life: reclaiming the land, rekindling the love and reliving the memories. The land he may never have owned. The love that wasn’t even realized. Memories for which there could be no precedent at all. In Majha, these primal emotions start influencing me too. I feel like putting my ear to the ground or grabbing a fistful of that red soil. I begin hearing the faint tunes of tradition, traces of culture start rushing through my veins. A notion of identity and belonging firms up, as destiny beckons me to chart my own course there.

Thinking offensively! – The Seminar Magazine

Published in the Seminar magazine: http://www.india-seminar.com/2013/650/650_pukhraj_sing.htm.

IF one were to believe the stream of news stories emerging while the dust of 26/11 was just settling, the key functionaries from India’s security establishment were all huddled together in a crisis room of sorts, as the attack was underway, to explore retaliatory options that would send a stern message to the perpetrators. During those tense moments, one of the viable alternatives discussed was undertaking surgical strikes on the safe houses and the training camps of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD). A consensus was almost reached, up until an embarrassing realization that the conventional sources of intelligence active within Pakistan over the years didn’t have the geographical coordinates to facilitate the offensive.

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Battle-Ready for the Fifth Dimension: Assessing India’s Cyber-Defence Preparedness – Jindal Journal of International Affairs

Published by the Jindal Journal of International Affairs: http://jgu.edu.in/sites/default/files/section%204%20seventh%20file.pdf.

Battle-Ready for the Fifth Dimension:
Assessing India’s Cyber-Defence
Pukhraj Singh*
This article provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at the cyber war and cyber defence
capabilities being developed by various great powers and situates India’s own developments
in this field within the larger context of emerging threats and modernisation of warfare.
The author ascribes the Stuxnet worm of 2010 to be a big eye opener which helped
place India’s cyber security systems on a war footing. He also depicts a future cyber
war scenario in which web-based weapons are integrated into conventional armouries
to achieve the perfect fifth dimension of warfare. The article also describes how experts
and analysts of strategic affairs who are outside the secretive government establishments
dealing with cyber war can contribute to meaningful reforms, institutions and changes
that can facilitate multilateral responses in the form of a global cyber security regime.

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