India: Cyber-Readiness at a Glance – Potomac Institute1 minutes read

Melissa Hathaway led a task force on cyber in the Bush administration and was a member of Obama’s National Security Council.

I have particularly followed her writings since 2009, while she was a contributor to Project Minerva — a US Department of Defense funded initiative to create a new geopolitical taxonomy for cyber.

Hosted at Harvard and the MIT, it made path-breaking contributions to the strategic discourse, touching upon the inter-disciplinary impact of cyberspace on foreign policy, international relations, military doctrine and the nature of conflict.

Melissa is currently a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, where she has taken it upon herself to give an objective marker to the cyber readiness of various nation states. It’s a painstaking, laborious and admirable exercise.

This year (2017), her team has come up with a report on India. It was truly a pleasure to contribute to it.

Without further ado:

India: Cyber Readiness At A Glance (PDF)